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Invest 30 minutes, twice a day, for an energetic day!

William Shakespeare quoted ““O sleep! O gentle sleep! Nature’s soft nurse”.
We all know that good night’s sleep is the simplest and the most powerful way to secure health and it is also very important to stay healthy.

Sleep is not just a form of resting, but is a process of restoring the fatigued body and mind for the normal activity on the next day.
LEESOL has been developing and producing wellness products and wearable device called ‘sleepisol’ with a wide-spectrum workforce since 2017, and are expanding in the field of medical devices.
We aim to increase the quality of life and secure healthy living by providing good quality sleep to the modern people who overlook the importance and value of ‘sleep’, which makes up one third of their lives.

Executive Summary
Experience in global advanced medical equipment and mobile healthcare technology development and commercialization
  • Success cases of startup and global corporation of Medison Co.Ltd
  • Experience in developing high-tech medical equipment such as ultrasound systems and MRI
  • Experience in mobile healthcare development and commercialization (LG Electronics, SK Telecom)
Securing Patented Technology and Technology Differentiation
  • Optimal electrical stimulation induction technology through real-time measurement of the changes in the characteristics of the body
  • System structure that can deliver electrical stimulation patterns to various parts of the body (cerebrum)
Core Human Resources and Medical Clinical Research Center
  • R&D Manpower: Experience and ability in medical device development
  • Establishment of cooperation with neuroscience and sleep clinicians and research centers
Product and Service Differentiation Strategy
  • Functional differentiation strategy: Diversification of function (mode) such as sound sleep, stress, concentration, and immunity
  • Product Differentiation: Wearable Device & Medical Device Dualization
  • Service differentiation: Establish personalized service linked with medical center (communication & App.)
Core Competencies by Division
R&D Division
CEO MoonSoo Kim
· Career Highlights : Registered business item service patent
  • Developed and founded electronic commerce (SCM) platform in the medical division in 2000 (now, ezmedicom)
  • Launched mobile healthcare phone (diabetes phone) and contents development (co-development with LG Electronics) in 2004
  • Smart Hearing development (SKT joint development) in 2015
Research Director
· Education : Doctor of Electrical and Electronics (KAIST)
· Career Highlights : ASIC design for core components of microcurrent stimulator
  • Founder member of Medison Co. Ltd, 1987
  • After Foundation: Development and commercialization of imaging medical equipment, development of 3D image processing technology (commercialization)
  • Launched Smart Hearing Aids product (SKT joint development) in 2015
Design Manager
· Career Highlights : Holds patented technology business items (2 items registered)
  • Patent application and circuits design of CES functional eye mask
  • Designed personalized electric stimulation system linked with smartphone (App)
  • Designed sleep induction microcurrent stimulator system
IP Strategy
· Career Highlights : Manager of International Patent Law Office / CEO of ICEPER Patent Corporation
  • Patent application and legal advice for medical devices
Sales Strategy
· Career Highlights : Madison, Head of Business Strategy Division, Sales Strategy
  • Commercialization of MRI and Potential Therapy Device
  • Established domestic and overseas sales network
Marketing Strategy
· Career Highlights : Samsung C&T Head of Electronic Information
  • Chairman of Miraejunbi Corp.
  • Vice President of Korean Digital Enterprise Association
  • CEO of ATC GmbH, Germany
Clinical Research Division
Medical Clinical Cooperation Research Center
· Sleep Clinic Center, Seoul National University Hospital & Sleep Clinic Center, Yonsei Medical Center
· Specialist and Major Research Fields: Neurology & Mental Health
  • Development of neuroscience based diagnosis and integrated treatment model
  • Therapeutic effect of low-frequency stimulation in patients with chronic insomnia
  • CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) changes in brain function and imaging studies related to electrical stimulation
System Design
· University Professors Advisory Group
  • Major : Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Medical Engineering
  • Career Highlights : Work experience in the medical device division of MFDS
  • Experience in medical device development

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